Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th 2010, Summer Sun!

So today I was totally freaking out because well I just figured out I am getting a Visa Buxx Card!!!! YAY!!! xD! Also it has been sooooo friggin' HOT these last few day's all I have done is swim in our lake! I'm also happy because I'm turning 13 in 5 days! 5 DAYS!!!! So I'm having like 13 -17 girl spending the night in a tent in our backyard... (My room is way to small for that many girls to be sleeping in!) I'm praying for good wheather so we can go swimming. I really have to go because I am going to go swim and enjoy the beautful sun while I still have some summer left! Chow! Seyenara! Bie Bie!