Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mango LanguagesXD

KONNICHIWA! II TENKI DESU NE? SOOOOO I am learning JapaneseXD SO we returned Rosetta stone and decided to go with mango because it is free.(Accidentally) And since we could get a new one I found a program that is FREE and is EXACTLY set up like rosetta stone(with out the pictures) And it is epic, It is called Mango Language's and it is awesome, I found the link on my librarys website and its awesome I am learning so much so fast! I have only had 2 lessons and I already know TONS as you can tell above that is my most recent sentence i have learned anywayy thats all thats really going on.. anywayy SEE YA!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our PuppyXD

So, we did get a puppyXD He is so cute!!! He is a bernese mountain dog and we named him Akamaru:) We absolutly love him:) He is soft and HUGE he is only 4 months old and he is already huge. Anyway Here is some pictures:)
His first napXD

He could fall asleep so he kept opening his eyes:3

Looking at my baby brother

He was staring at me like, 'what are you doing?' lol XD

Just another amazing day:)

So today I woke up at 8:00 a.m and came downstairs to a freezing house. I tried to get the wood burning stove going, but I failed, miserably. So I gave up, anyway, it is 10:00 right now and me and my family are about to leave to see some puppies we saw online. They are Bernese Mountain Dogs and they are ADORABLE!!! XD  I am super excited because we never have pets because we usually dont have time for them but now that my baby brother, arent babys anymore we are going to get a dog. Anyway I got to stop typing because we are supposed to be there by 11 but its an hour and twenty min away so SEE YA!!XD

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Honk For Japan!


This is so wrong...

So recently I have been able to calm down over the earthquake in Japan. The first two days it happened I was at a loss and couldnt stop crying. Today I feel a little bit better.. Um.. But I still feel really bad. I have worked SO hard these last 2 years to keep my grades up, stay out of trouble, and get connected with AFS. But it feels like in these past 6 days... I feel like it all went in the trash. Its like when you work so so hard on something and you work on it for months and you get it back and find out you failed it. Its the worst feeling in the world. But, I shouldnt be complaining. And I know that, it's  wrong for me to be saying this because right now because I am very blessed.  I have a roof over my head, a connection to my freinds in Japan, and a family who loves me. And so many people in Japan have no house, no connection, and dont know where theie family is or if they are safe. So right now I shouldnt be complaining. Yet. I stil do. And it is so wrong. I dont why I cant just shut up..I had plans, and this, this has deffinately effected those plans... This is going nowhere maybe if I try thinking about it, I will calm down and maybe I wont be so selfish, . But I'm going to go now.. God Bless Japan!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Japan, at 10:34 Washington time, Japan was hit with a 8.9 earthquake. Soon after Japan was hit with a tsunami, sweeping away buildings, cars, and people. This is devastating, as we speak I am crying and praying for those in Japan. Praying that they will be okay and everyone is safe. for those studying abroad I also pray for your safety. Now Japan has been issued with a nuclear warning. This is serious it could truly wipe out Japan Island. Please, anyone reading this PLEASE send your prayers for people in Japan. There are innocent women, men and children dieing so the least we can do is pray for there safety. This is a huge tragedy and I pray for the safety of everyone in Japan. GOD BLESS YOU! I broke down today, I just cried and cried, now I cannot cry anymore. I have been watching the CNN livestream all day. Untill my Mom told me to stop. I did but now I just want to somehow help. But I know I cant. I have never been to Japan, but I broke down and just lost it. All the innocent people, an exchange student in Senbai was declared missing today, he hasnt been found and people believe he is dead. But I will not quit hoping until he is found and returned to his family. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! SAYONARA!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Laptop!!!! XD

Konnichiwa Mina-san!! O genki desu ka?! haha Hey guys whats up!? I havent updated in a suuupeeerrr long time! And I'm sorry for that! You see my old laptop like died so I just got a new one and its AMAZING!!! XD Its made for making videos and the sound is AMAZING IM SUPER EXCITEDXD My parents told me they bought me this so I can make videos when I go to Japan I was sooo happy hahaXD Anyway tomarrow I start Rosetta Stone and I am Overly happy:D So yeah, haha. School has been tough lately, school work is hard, like SUPER hard; we have no homework so thats good but still... anyway everyday that goes by I get more and more excited. Because its one day closer to Japan and before I now it it will be one year closer to Japan!:DD Do you know exciting that is for me?! I either get excited way to easily or overthink this, but it's good enough for me:) Annd also why cant people in school mind their own buisness!? I mean do you want people to know something about you that you dont want them to? Or when you tell somebody not to tell anyone and they go and do it anyway? Then they say you never said not to tell anybody? Yeah thats the crap that ticks me off. I did say not to tell anybody and its my buisness, and your buisness nobody elses,  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!? Anyway I am ranting haha sorry^^' haha sorry I sometimes do that, anyway JAA NE!!!!