Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Life in a Nutshell

Honestly, I completely forgot about this blog. I think its been about 4/5 years since I made this account. I'm turning 19 in 5 days and sad to say I never went to Japan in high school like I wanted to. However, right now I'm applying for an EF language exchange to Tokyo to learn Japanese. So not all hope is lost! Pretty much all you need to know about my life in the past four years was, I went to High School, and then graduated. Haha, I know, boring. But I mean it's just High School. Every one goes through it, and everyone knows what its like, I don' need to relive it in a blog post, and I'm sure all of you literally don't care. Anyway, I found this old blog by accident in my bookmarks, and after 15 minutes of trying to remeber a password I finally remembered what 13 year-old-me used as a password. And thought it'd be fun to post a little update almost 5 years later. But hey, like I said, I'm applying for an EF exchange and may possibly go to Japan still, so this blog could still get interesting. Maybe.