Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving and Snow

So..... Today is the day before Thanksgiving and we have a lot of snow and I just found out it is supposed to snow even more tomorrow! WOOHOO! My Mom said we are going to have a white Thanksgiving LOL :) Um...Yesterday I took the time to write down my Christmas list lol. I had trouble thinking what I want for Christmas so this is what I have so far.

Rosetta Stone
Purity Ring
Nail polish
Drawing pens (Pigma Micron Manga-Comic Pro)
A Haircut :P
drawing pads
colored pencils
Desk for my room
Xbox KINECT with Dance Central
hair ties
Karaoke Machine
and 2 empty photo albums
Thats all i could really think of for right now... pretty lame i guess :| sooo yep Im getting excited for the holidays XD

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holidays XD

HEY GUYS! SORRY I HAVENT BEEN UPDATING LIKE USUAL! But, um...... nothing much has been going on only that I think I'm going to try and go with YFU! ;) I think it might be better than AFS because they are exactly the same but YFU is cheaper..  And every one I have talked to has told me to go with YFU so I think I will. Other than  that nothing is going on exchange wise.

School is doing really good :D Im getting good grades and the qaurter is alreadry over!The time seems to be flying! Also we decorated for christmas already! XDDD My parents went shopping yesterday for thanksgiving and today they are going christmas shopping XD (I know because she said she has to go run some 'earans' and I have to stay home haha, XD) I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS :D Also we are supposed to get snow this weekend so today and tomarrowXD and the clouds are here and its definatly cold enough xD SO IM HAPPYYYY :DDDDD

Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm so sorry I havent updated in forever! Just nothing is going on! I have school work and the first qaurter is over in one week! So i have been busting my butt, but its still not paying off :/ Im still not getting the grades I want.. :/ sooo ya... I lost my voice this morning and you cant even hear my voice so it sucks! >:( anyway thats all nothing changed on AFS only that we DIDNT send in our pre app :(((so I will update sooner or later bye!