Saturday, July 31, 2010


Okay so I'm probably going to update every couple of weeks or once a month. I don't want to post everyday because it would be way to long of a blog and people don't want to read a daily blog for the next..... 3-5 years.... so ya. no. TOO LONG!!! Me and my faveourite cousin are really close and have decided to do this blog together her name is Kadey Danika and her goal was when she was 21 to go on a 2 year trip to Rome for half a year then Thailand for the second half. The other year would be India for a half year the Paris... Just read her blog I'm too lazy to write about her blog right now XD BYE

p.s. Here is what I taught myself in Japanese so far.

Konnichiwa: Hello
Konbon wa: Good afternoon
Ohayo gazaimasu or ohayo gaziamashita: Good morning
Genki desu ka?: How are you/ are you doing good?
Genki desu: I'm doing good
etto: Um.....
Un!: yep!
Kawaii: cute
Kowai: scary
oishii!: It's good! or Yummy
moshi moshi?: you say this when aswering the phone.
sashiburi: Long time no see
sayonara: good bye or say jane (jar-niegh) with people your close too
bie bie: Bye!bye!
oyasumi or oyasuminasai is more polite: Good night!
nan desu ka?: what is your name?
dewa mata: see you later!
shitsurei shimase: I'm going to leave. (VERY FORMAL)
yes: hai
no: iie or lie
Mizu: water
jusu: well.. JUICE!

WELL THATS ALL I CAN REMBER...... So shitsurei shimasu now!


  1. Haaahaa, Yeeeeaahhh :D
    Just read my blog, pleeaseee(:
    I love you favorite cousiinn!
    lmaoo, i want some jusuu! ;D

  2. lol me too i want some jusuu! i will read ur blog ILY <3 <3 <3