Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School And Break-ups

Okay so I started school like 3 weeks ago and it was nice and fun but my boyfreinds go's to a different school then me and we NEVER get to see each other so....... He broke up with me recently and I was soooo sad! I cried but... I'm over it now (just a little) And school is doing great, I aced my science test and i did okay on my washington state history test. But im going to retake it, no big deal. so ya thats it also im proud to announce that last week my mom and dad and me were talking about me going to japan and OH YA!!!!!!! AS LONG AS I LEARN JAPANESE GET GOOD GRADES POSIBLY GET A SCHOLORSHIP IM GOING TO JAPAN!!!!!! XD!!!!!!! IM P\SOOOO HAPPY!!!! And my dads work might sponcer my trip when i go idk yet though its a huge IF. But also, i have to learn japanese before i am 15 and im 13 right now.... anyway ya... YYYAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

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    Hahaa, i already have a scholarship, and i'm taking spanish right now(:
    buuut anywhoo, you better get good grades, and be nice to your parents and i will go down to washington and beat your buutt! lmao, well i love youu.<'33