Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Does this sound okay? (Longest Post Yet)

Okay so someone on youtube asked me this:
Hi, I love EVERYTHING about Japan, too! I wish I could go on a trip to Japan in my Junior or Senior year..I taughts my self kana and many kanji, I will be taking Chinese in school next year to learn even more kanji, but I wish I had a Japanese language course in school T_T I looked up AFS but there is not much info on the website, can you explain it to me? do you need to take actual Japanese classes in school in order to participate in that program? I know Japanese really well but there is not really a way I could do that :( and how much would the exchange program cost, Im collecting money to go to Japan >_> anyway, Douzo Yoroshiku.
So being the nice person I am I relpied:) This is what I said:
I am glad you have an interest in Japan! Not many people have an interest in a foriegn country so I think it is great that you do! Also, you taught yourself kana AND kanji!? That is amazing! I have been studying Japanese for awhile now and it is really hard by myself so that is amazing!, so great job!
I also found that A LOT of schools don't have Japanese language courses:/ I was looking forward to taking it in high school, but I found out my high school doesn't have Japanese courses. :| My solution? Well, I am going to take college classes at my community college, If you have a community college near by you can check if they have Japanese as a class there, you can also check in to see if you there are private tutors available in your area. ( that are affortable) But language wise you do not need to know there language to go to Japan with AFS. Scholarships are availble if you do know the language though to make it less of a hardship.(Did that make sense?) Anyway AFS stands for Amercan Feild ServiceThey are a study abroad program that will send you, the exchange student to a different country for either a year, semester, summer, or trimester to learn the language, culture and go to school there. Why you are there you will learn the way people in that country live. In your and my case, Japan. There is a lot more to it and 2 websites I reccomend going to, to learn everything down to the tiniest detail.( Like I did) The websites are and (a forum for people studying abroad)

For prices it depends if you are going for a year, semester, trimester or summer. For a year it is about $13,000 adding your passport, visa, spending money and tuition.
.......-_- for a semester it is about 11,000 .. a trimester is its about 9,000 and so on -_- Yeah I know it is a lot:| but if you get a scholarship or get someone to donate then you should be fine!
Also I know that you like anime... A LOT(: I do to don't worry. But if I was you I would make another account and make sure you have NO anime related things n it because if people find out you like anime and you want to study abroad in Japan they will give yuo crap and say you are only going there for the anime. I have 2 accounts because I don't feel like going through all the crap so the easiest thing is to make a new account! Also go on my channel and look at everyone I am subscirbed to, They are all poeple who have went to Japan with AFS or a different program. I also highly reccomend watching them(: And if you want you can google search Japan exchange blogs and read some of those to get an idea to(: I myself have a blog that you can read if you want it is called That is all really! If you have anymore queastions feel free to ask! I know there is alot to take in so I hope that made sense to you!

Anyway, Jaa-nee!
      Does that sound okay? It probably doesn't sound right but whatever(: Tell me, does that sound mature enough? Haha I'm just kidding I just thought I would share the first time some has asked me something like that(: Hahaha Anyway Jaa-Nee!

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