Friday, July 15, 2011

Hmm....I'm bored..

        I am so bored. It 2 AM and I can't sleep, this really sucks. I was searching the web, (bored out of my mind) and thought, 'Hey! I should update my blog!' So here I am(: Haha, Anyway I am going to make this an Awesome post(:            In 2 days I am leaving to go to Nevada for 2 weeks! I AM SO EXCITEDDD! I PROMISE I will upload all my pics if I take any!! I am not going with my family I am going with my Best Friend in the whole wide world Kiana Allen I love her sooo much!!! We are In-separable! LOL Anyway we are spending 2 nights in Gold Beach Oregon and then we are going to leave to go to Tahoe Lake in Nevada(:
       Kiana's mom told me when we are driving we will stop at some hotels so we can stretch out and sleep before we go on the road again. Then we will be at Lake Tahoe and when we are there my friend an her said we are going to go to a hot spring during the night so it won't be as hot since it is so warm during the day;-) I am so excited I can't stop making smiley faces(: Haha, there was another one!! Anyway~~ I was just posting to say I won't be updating for 2 weeks.. Minna Sayonara!!!

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  1. HI HI!!! I CAN COMMENT NOW!!! Haha, im stilldoll14 from youtube.
    I hope you have a good time on your trip! XD