Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have been gone due to no motivation....

But now my motivation is back. And I just realized that not next summer (2012 summer) but the summer after next summer I am leaving for Japan! Reakizing this I realized that I real need to get my buttox in gear and start my passport/visa and application prosess. (I haven't been able to for personal problems) But not that those problems are gone, I can now get serious!

As you can see I am making a long serious post because I was to lazy in the past to type this much because I really suck at typing. It takes me like ten minetes to write one paragraph. Okay I am actually pretty fluent. But I could be better. Anyway, I am currently talking to my mom because I have decided to leave my sophmore year becuase my first year of high school is really important, so I am not going to miss it... Also, Kenzie (my new online bestie who live is oklahoma and is now the best friend I have never met) is the same age as me and also wants to study abroad in Japan like I do. SOO we get along really really well, she already knows a lot of my secrets.:P Anyway it is good because I believ we are leaving the same year and its good to have someone who you never met, but know, go with AFS too:P And hopefully we will see each other at an orientationXD
Anyway if you want to check out her blog here is the URL :

OTHER than that I also wanted to say when all this start happening I will update vlogs on how I apply for everythingXD Such as passports, visas, pre app, final app, scholarships, ect. ect. Anyway this is a pretty aweome post and due to motivation (thanks to Kenzie) I was able to update this awesome post anyway BYE:) ALSO check out Kenzies blog she is pretty awesomeXD

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