Thursday, July 29, 2010


My name is Allyssa Metcalf and I'm currently 13 years old and go to Key Peninsula Middle School (KPMS) In Gig Harbor Washington. I am the oldest of four i have three younger brothers no sisters. (Hurray! No drama!!) and I have a very um... interesting life...? My cousin Kadey also has a blog but I don't want to get to in depth about that. ;) I love all my family and Friends and I hope the best for them. :) But anyway more about me, I am 13 as you already know and I'm pursuing my dreams to go to Japan! XD I want to study abroad in Japan when I'm a Freshmen in High School since you have to be 15 to legally leave the country alone. I have 2 years to learn Japanese before I leave I have to at least be somewhat fluent when I leave.. Not perfect, but fluent. When I finally do go on exchange to Japan I think I might be so excited I'll pass out! (just kidding there) Anyway, That's all for now! Bye!


  1. Haha, yes I am Kadey her cousin, the one who wrote that liddo stuff up there(: