Sunday, September 26, 2010

Waking Up and learning Japanese:)

Ohayo Goziamashita! I just woke up and its like 9 o clock, and I'm already bored!! I can tell it's going to be a really long day... anyway, I went to my friend Daniella's 13th birthday party. It was sooooooo fun! It was funny though cuz we had a tin foil war and we played Daniella's Next Top Model;) LOL there was a winner for Best walk, Best attitude, Best outfit and Best over all, I won best over all :)  Oh, and best eyes but ya, there were 8 girl there and they all were from my young life and wyld life andher mom is our leader :) it was cool but i think its funny were all friends and go to young life, anyway incase your wondering young life is part of my church group :)

Also I have found a potantial way to learn Japanese, I'm using something called Rocket Japanese I like it but im not sure it will teach me the stuff i need to know though :/ so ya..... Thats all! Sayonarra!


  1. Yeeeeaahhhh! ;D
    Hahhaaa. Duudee. You need to come back down here, so we can learn our languages toghether:D
    I hate doing it by myself. You know how bored I get when I'm by myself, and then I'll just walk away from it and go eat some food or somethinnn. Lmaooo xD