Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yummy Dinner Smell And Japan AFS!

Dinner smells yummy! I think it's eggs, pancakes and sausage but I can't tell.....? Alright, So these last few days me and my mom have been discussing things on Japan with my mom and dad (or okasan and otosan ;D) and they have been "discussing" on how I'm going to earn money for Japan..Turns out I have decide to be Babysitting, Raking, AND Dog Walking plus doing "extra" chores.... :/ It's going to be very, very, very interesting on seeing how that goes. We have settled that I'm going with AFS and I'm filling out my Plimanary App that has a $75 fee in a week! YAY! Also I have to find someway to learn Japanese! But I have to save money up because my trip costs around $13,000!!!!!!!! *faints* I have alot of work cut out for me! But I'll just Pray and see what God wants to happen!
                 -Allyssa <3


  1. Aaawhhh, that's soo gooodd Allyssa! xD
    Hahaa. My momma is having me go with AFS too, I thinkk? I'm not exactly sure yett. Buuut, I figured out that I can only go to one placee, I can't stick with the original plan that I had at first. I have to chose one place to go to now(x

  2. You should go to Tailand or Italy ;)

  3. I know, I'm kinda starting to lean more towards.... Thailandd? Hahaa. I'm not sure yet. I'm gonna do some research on both of them then decide ;D