Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little update

HEY:) Here is a little update on some stuff:) Okay, so I put this amazing flag counter thing on my blog and every time someone visits my blog it will open a flag and put 1 next to it or ad another tally to a flag that's already there.... I hope that made sense^^ anyway I'm so excited! Next month I get to start Rosetta Stone and I am thrilled!!! I am so excited and I just realized in 3 years I should be going to japan and that sounds like a long time but let me tell you, the time will FLY by and before I know it i will be heading back home already and be thinking 'Wow, The time flew by I can remember just starting to get interested' But it will definitely be worth it. I'm going to start baby sitting soon to start raising a little money. :D I CANT WAIT:D P.S if you don't want the music its at the bottom of the page just pause it.

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