Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Laptop!!!! XD

Konnichiwa Mina-san!! O genki desu ka?! haha Hey guys whats up!? I havent updated in a suuupeeerrr long time! And I'm sorry for that! You see my old laptop like died so I just got a new one and its AMAZING!!! XD Its made for making videos and the sound is AMAZING IM SUPER EXCITEDXD My parents told me they bought me this so I can make videos when I go to Japan I was sooo happy hahaXD Anyway tomarrow I start Rosetta Stone and I am Overly happy:D So yeah, haha. School has been tough lately, school work is hard, like SUPER hard; we have no homework so thats good but still... anyway everyday that goes by I get more and more excited. Because its one day closer to Japan and before I now it it will be one year closer to Japan!:DD Do you know exciting that is for me?! I either get excited way to easily or overthink this, but it's good enough for me:) Annd also why cant people in school mind their own buisness!? I mean do you want people to know something about you that you dont want them to? Or when you tell somebody not to tell anyone and they go and do it anyway? Then they say you never said not to tell anybody? Yeah thats the crap that ticks me off. I did say not to tell anybody and its my buisness, and your buisness nobody elses,  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!? Anyway I am ranting haha sorry^^' haha sorry I sometimes do that, anyway JAA NE!!!!

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