Thursday, March 17, 2011

This is so wrong...

So recently I have been able to calm down over the earthquake in Japan. The first two days it happened I was at a loss and couldnt stop crying. Today I feel a little bit better.. Um.. But I still feel really bad. I have worked SO hard these last 2 years to keep my grades up, stay out of trouble, and get connected with AFS. But it feels like in these past 6 days... I feel like it all went in the trash. Its like when you work so so hard on something and you work on it for months and you get it back and find out you failed it. Its the worst feeling in the world. But, I shouldnt be complaining. And I know that, it's  wrong for me to be saying this because right now because I am very blessed.  I have a roof over my head, a connection to my freinds in Japan, and a family who loves me. And so many people in Japan have no house, no connection, and dont know where theie family is or if they are safe. So right now I shouldnt be complaining. Yet. I stil do. And it is so wrong. I dont why I cant just shut up..I had plans, and this, this has deffinately effected those plans... This is going nowhere maybe if I try thinking about it, I will calm down and maybe I wont be so selfish, . But I'm going to go now.. God Bless Japan!

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  1. I agree with how you're feeling :(

    And I totally understand the feeling selfish for feeling those feelings >.<

    I'm still praying for Japan, and sending donations. But I still hope that I'll be able to go on exchange with AFS next year :(