Friday, March 11, 2011


Japan, at 10:34 Washington time, Japan was hit with a 8.9 earthquake. Soon after Japan was hit with a tsunami, sweeping away buildings, cars, and people. This is devastating, as we speak I am crying and praying for those in Japan. Praying that they will be okay and everyone is safe. for those studying abroad I also pray for your safety. Now Japan has been issued with a nuclear warning. This is serious it could truly wipe out Japan Island. Please, anyone reading this PLEASE send your prayers for people in Japan. There are innocent women, men and children dieing so the least we can do is pray for there safety. This is a huge tragedy and I pray for the safety of everyone in Japan. GOD BLESS YOU! I broke down today, I just cried and cried, now I cannot cry anymore. I have been watching the CNN livestream all day. Untill my Mom told me to stop. I did but now I just want to somehow help. But I know I cant. I have never been to Japan, but I broke down and just lost it. All the innocent people, an exchange student in Senbai was declared missing today, he hasnt been found and people believe he is dead. But I will not quit hoping until he is found and returned to his family. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! SAYONARA!

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