Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crappy Weather:/

So today I woke up to beautiful blue skys with sun and it was actually warm! It all seemes good and well untill, the black clouds came and started pouring out rain. And I thought it would be a nice sunny day! But other than the crappy weather today was really great! Today was my baby brothers 3rd birthday, his actual birthday is march 31st but, we celbrated today instead:) My Japanese is getting better and better! I am sooo happy! It makes me want to jump with joy! I have so many feelings running through me though, I'm sad, happy, excited, annoyed, and a lot of other stuff, This is all due to the crisis in Japan. But other than that school has been going so well, I have a 3.9 GPA and I am shooting for a 4.0 by the end of the year. I am also shooting to lose a little bit of weight for the end of the year, the reasin for this is because at the end of the year our school takes us to wild waves and its awesome. But I am not saying I am fat, I am perfectly fine, I am skinny and healthy. But, I still want to tone up my muscles a little bit.;P

I had my physical yesterday and got to leave school early because of it, I was happy because I was in math and it was soooo boring! Oh yeah, the reason I am getting a physical is because I am playing Track and Field. I have never done track, I am a soccer player, but I wanted to try something new, and I thought, why not? I'm going to switch to a differant subject but, This school year has flew by! It feels like just yesterday was my first blog entry in July! It's crazy how fast the time seems to fly by! Its scary though to. Because before I know it, it will already be time for me to leave for exchange! I'm sorry this entry was kind of all over the place! I had a lot to say! I hope there is people actually reading this, because it would be totally pointless to continue writing, wouldnt it? Anyway please follow me if you are reading this every time I update so I know who is actually reading this! Thanks! JAA NE MINNA-SAN!

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