Thursday, April 14, 2011

Track and Field:)

SO as everyone knows its Track and Field season, since I havent done any sports this year I decided to try it! It is so much fun! I am aiming for hurtals(SPELL??) and short distance sprints. It is fun but I have never been so sore in my entire life before! The conditioning is SO HARD! I cant even walk up the stairs without wincing! Anyway I got my track uniform today and I really like it I am number 37 and my uniform fit me perfectly! Everyone else got stuck with something either to big or to small so I was very very happy) Not much progress on my Japanese I have been really busy with homework and track practice so I havent had much free time lately but I will get better and better! The first 2 track practices I had were very warm and sunny but now we have pouring down rain and its no fun running in the rain! So I hope it clears up! Anyway Sayonara for now!

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