Friday, May 27, 2011

Wow, I was not expecting that.

        So today was all fine and good....Until I realized... I leave in 1 year........ 0.0 That was a HUGE eye opener! I have been sick since yesterday and I have been reading blogs and stuff then I thought oh, My birthday is in 3 months... I'm going to turn 14.... WAIT.  I'M LEAVING WHEN I'M 15~! Yeah, I am kinda in Panic mode just because I haven't started my application process at all.... I also need to start my passport app and talk to my counsiler! SOOO I am very determined to learn Japanese ASAP anyway I am going to go practice! Jaa-nee! And if your wondering about the different colors its because summer is almost here for Washington! (: And they are happy colors(:

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