Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm really kind of stressed today..

Today I had the worst headache I have ever had yet. I wanted to cry; it was so hard not to. It was HORRIBLE. I usually don't get headaches but for the past week I have been getting the worst migraines. Its probably because I'm exhausted and stressed about school, language, and stupid school drama I hate it. The only thing that makes it better is when I see my boyfriend.<3 Whenever I'm with him nothing matters; I don't have a care in the world. I'm happy and that's all that matters<3 (: Whenever I am upset I go see him and all of a suddenly nothing upsets me anymore. <3 I love him so much. (: I am so lucky to be going out with him.(: I never thought I would meet someone who would love me for who I am(: Its so amazing, the best part of the day is when I am with him. (: I am going to his house tomorrow<3 (: I am so excited! Haha, I can't wait. See? I totally forgot about the headachesXD

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