Sunday, April 17, 2011

AWH! and Guitars...

Our puppy is getting so big! He has grown so much since we got him! He's HUGE now! *SIGH* It's so depressing how big he's getting:( Here is a pic!

Isnt he cute though?? Anyway I have learned a new song today on my electric guitar! ITS SO FUN TO PLAY! It's called Black Paper Moon It's so fun! It was actually really easy for me to learn! If you play guitar you should try playing it sometime! Also I took this really cool pic with my HD Kodak yesterday an it turned out really cool looking! Its a picture of my guitar amp with the sun hitting the lens on my cameraXD Also I am having trouble naming my guitar... What should I name it? I want to name my guitar something Japanese. Any suggestions??

My guitar AMP

My guitar. My guitar is black,gray,white and silverXD

Me playing my guitar when I still had long hairXD (I cut it recently its about right below my shoulders now)


  1. Haha~ That dog is adorable :3

    I have an acoustic and I named it Aoi ^^ After my favorite guitarist. I think you should name it after something you like, or someone you admire~! Since your guitar is those colors, and looks like that, I'd suggest maybe...Fuyuki (snowy winter)? Hideki? Kaito? Kazuya? Teru?

    I also have a crappy electric guitar from Costco that I've had since the 6th grade. Didn't even bother to name that one :P But I'm saving up for an ESP LTD EC-401 ( or a ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 (, and I'm going to name that one Mikhail xD

    I didn't know you played guitar! How long have you been playing? Do you do acoustic as well? Do you take lessons? What kind of guitars do you have? Style? Pick-up? :D

  2. LOL I dont really know that much about guitars since I just started in demeber but I can play better than my friend who has been playing for 3 years so I guess thats a good thing right LOL:) I have a First Act 222 Adam Levine designer signature electric guitar... I really love my guitarXD It sounds amazing:) I just want a better AMP but I have learned A LOT these past couple weeks. And no I dont take Lessons:)))